Mold development is a big issue for property owners after a major pipe break or flood. Mold remediation companies such as Pur360 use special equipment to prevent the loss of construction materials and salvageable personal items. You can count on us to dehumidify damaged areas and clean up water-damaged drywall. When you need catastrophe recovery, water damage restoration or reconstruction, Pur360 can provide wet carpet damage restoration and more in Atlanta, GA.

If you need a dehumidifier and fan rental to dry out your home after a water leak, flood, or another disaster, we can help. Take advantage of this equipment to help eradicate mold and mildew. Having excess moisture and water damage in your home is stressful, so let us help the recovery go as planned.

Atlanta’s Most Reliable Wet Carpet Damage Restoration Team

Mold grows rapidly in dark, moist areas and following water damage in your home or business. Pur360 provides essential Atlanta mold remediation. A mold inspection by a professional restoration company can uncover areas needing immediate treatment. We also perform tests so we can catch trouble spots to help prevent infestation. Untreated mold can cause everything from allergy symptoms to other major health problems.

Mold poses a threat to people who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma and threatens the health of their pets. Mold damage can be difficult to spot, and homeowners should regularly inspect their homes for mold growth signs. Is there a foul odor in your home? Look for white, gray-brown, pink, or gray-green spots on walls, floors, and ceilings. Chances are these spots are mold colonies. Consult with our experts for fast mold remediation immediately!

Our effective mold damage and restoration assistance in Atlanta includes:

  • Wet carpet damage restoration or disposal
  • Water-damaged drywall removal and repair
  • Painting
  • Attic Stain Removal
  • Dehumidifier and fan rental

Left untreated, mold will take over your home or business in Atlanta. Call in the professionals to avoid hazardous conditions that can aggravate a health emergency. Leave it to our pros to salvage what can be saved and quickly repair your building so it’s ready for use again.

Our Experienced Water-Damaged Drywall Repair Team

Mold removal requires both repair and humidity management, and we also provide dehumidifiers and fan rentals to help you dry out your home quickly. So, if you have a water leak or flooding issue, call us for immediate assistance.

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Our professional restoration team comes prepared with personal protective equipment and other tools needed to remove and clean mold without posing additional safety risks. Contact our mold services experts in Atlanta for proactive mold damage restoration.