Houston Water Damage Restoration

Have you recently had water damage in your home in Houston, TX? Pur360 is an accomplished mold services company focused on eradicating mold before it can take over your home. Although mold is one of the most common household pollutants, it can become quite serious, especially if you are recovering from a recent flood or have excess moisture in your home. We perform comprehensive remediation such as wet carpet damage restoration and water-damaged drywall restoration or removal.

Our technicians test your home twice, before our treatment plan and after the treatment plan. Testing before we begin remediation gives you an idea of how much mold we might find on your property. Testing post-treatment tells us how successfully the restoration plan went. If necessary, we can return to kill any new mold that has colonized your home. Our proprietary products permeate mold and mildew growing on carpeting, fabric, insulation, ductwork, and behind the walls of your home.

Whether you have been a resident for decades or have newly moved to the city, it’s important to partner with mold remediation specialists at Pur360 to keep your home mold-free.