Orlando Water Damage Restoration

In Florida’s warm environment, mold or mildew can quickly grow and spread throughout your home. If you recently had a burst pipe or water damage in your home in Orlando, FL, it’s important to address water-damaged drywall and other construction materials quickly to reduce the cost of restoration. Pur360 offers comprehensive mold damage restoration, including wet carpet damage restoration. Time is of the essence, so call us today to begin the process of removing mold-infested materials and saving your home.

Our technicians test for mold before beginning restoration efforts. Then, they also run a post-treatment test to make sure that we have completely eradicated mold from your property. Our proprietary cleaning products permeate organic materials to zap mold and mildew from the source. We may be able to save fabric, carpeting, insulation, and drywall, depending on the type of mold you have, how long you wait to call us, and the severity of your mold problem.

If you live in Orlando, you have easy access to Disney World, but you won’t be very happy if you lose your home to mold damage. So, reach out to our remediation specialists as soon as you notice signs of water damage or mold.

Your Wet carpet Damage Restoration Solution in Orlando

Pur360 uses a safe, natural, and chemical-free treatment to kill mold and keep it from spreading in your main living areas, behind walls and ceilings, and in crawl spaces, attics, or basements, where water damage often starts. As a bonus, our product leaves behind a clean scent and comes with a 100% guarantee!

It’s important to leave mold remediation to the experts. Mold spores can damage your lungs and cause respiratory and other illnesses. If you already have allergies, asthma, CPOD, or other respiratory issues, this isn’t something you want to tackle on your own.

Here are just some of the mold restoration offered by the licensed and trained technicians at Pur360:

  • Mold remediation
  • Mold testing
  • Wet carpet damage restoration
  • Fresh scent to eliminate musty smells
  • Restoration of water-damaged drywall
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

You can also count on us for dehumidifier and fan rentals to help dry out water-damaged areas before or after mold remediation or anytime you need them. If you have a specific concern, such as salvaging water-damaged drywall or wet carpet damage restoration, we can come to your home and provide an honest recommendation on whether or not the items are worth saving.

Your Water-Damaged Drywall Repair Team

We have absolute confidence in the products and what we offer to our customers in Orlando. Pur360 provides a 100% guarantee on mold remediation that can save you thousands of dollars. Our technicians undergo continuous training, starting with maintaining a safe environment by wearing appropriate PPE. Our customer reviews, referrals, and testimonials are all the things we need for helping area homeowners preserve their property after a burst pipe, hurricane or other unexpected event puts their home at risk.

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Contact us today for any type of mold service in Orlando, or if you need additional services related to mold damage restoration for your home in Orlando!