Milwaukee, WI Mold Remediation Specialists

If you recently had water damage or noticed signs of mold growth in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Pur360 for professional mold remediation service in Milwaukee, WI. Our mold services company uses advanced techniques and tools to detect mold growth and then utilize specialized chemicals for mold removal. Quick removal of mold can save your building and furniture from future damage. Call Pur360 for reliable and affordable mold inspection and remediation service.

Mold is one of the contaminants that can invade a home or office and isn’t always visible or easy to spot. It can wreak havoc if neglected for long. Mold can grow on any damp or wet surface, including insulation materials, drywall, wallpaper, and ceilings. Mold can grow on a wet surface within 48 hours, risking your home’s structure and impeding your quality of life. Fortunately, at Pur360, we are here to protect Milwaukee residents from mold damage. We offer unmatched mold testing and removal service throughout Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

We also offer mold removal in the following areas: