The formula for success in mold services is our Pur360 treatment process that involves testing, whole-house treatment using our patented technology, and expert mold damage repair if needed. We’ve become the preferred mold removal service in towns like Baytown, TX, and across the country. Mold testing is the first step in our comprehensive, professional mold services, followed by our minimally-disruptive mold remediation process if needed, which takes only 24 hours and leaves most furniture and rugs in place.

Mold testing is important even if you’ve noticed patches of the telltale black slime or powdery growth. Testing helps identify the types of mold spores that are airborne and where they are most dense, helping to identify areas in need of treatment and establishing a baseline level before eradication. Our expert mold technicians combine mold testing with a comprehensive inspection to locate areas infested with or damaged by mold including basement areas, attics, bathrooms, and inside walls and closets.

The end result of our mold services care is a fresh-smelling, mold-free home with no visible signs of past mold problems. This can sometimes include creating a plan for your approval that involves damaged wallboard or wood removal and replacement, repainting, and other care, targeted remediation services. We also offer ongoing odor removal to take care of lingering pet smells, cooking, bathroom, and other odors that sink into your walls and furniture.

We handle mold problems from beginning growth that we know may spread or even indicate the presence of hidden colonies, to health problems that could be addressed with mold testing and removal. We even address major mold remediation from extensive mold damage throughout the property which often happens when the property is unused or abandoned. Our Pur360 process is proven, and gets results in a consistent, comprehensive way.