Brookfield Mold Service Specialists

At Pur360, we want your home to be mold-free. We’re here to make sure your home’s air doesn’t show signs of mold infestation by providing expert testing. If you’re worried about mold, our mold services team can help you in Brookfield, WI. Our testing, evaluation, and mold removal process is established and customized for your home, using our patented mold treatment that only takes 24 hours to take effect.

We will put your mind at rest, whether you’re worried about mold taking root due to pipe leaks, condensation, or a damp basement. You’ll get a chance to live without the toxins, allergens, and other health risks, as well as the stains and damage to your walls, furniture, and other materials that can leave reminders of mold infestation long after it’s gone.

Whether you live in Putney’s Ridge, Charter Point, Brighton Heights, or anywhere in Brookfield, our company provides the expert mold remediation you need to be sure your problem is resolved.

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