The problems that result from mold growth in your home can be significant, including health, property value, and mold spread over time. At Pur360, we can make a big difference with our mold services for your home in Buffalo Grove, IL. When we tend to your existing mold remediation problems with whole-house assistance, we stop the transmission of mold to further moist areas in your home and potential damage to your home as mold growth eats into building materials, fabrics, furniture, and more over time. Our mold removal can also clear out mold growth that is developing from plumbing issues in your walls, moist subfloors in the bathroom or kitchen, and other hidden spaces where mold thrives. Airborne mold spores are naturally present in small numbers in your home, but when they find a location to land and grow, it’s time to call our team. By the time you see dark patches of mold in your bathroom or elsewhere, experience smells that are musty or moldy near walls, or experience mold-related health concerns like allergies, itchy eyes, sneezing, shortness of breath, and even allergy-induced asthma, the problem is likely to be quite extensive.

From Tenerife to Strathmore Grove, Summerset to The Villas at Hidden Lakes, our experts are ready to address your home’s mold issues in Buffalo Grove.