Are you on the lookout for mold services in Carrollton, TX? Then you need the expertise of the team here at Pur360. When mold takes hold in your home, it can cause a health hazard and unsightly marks on your ceilings and walls. We know you’ll want to eradicate mold spores before they can cause a problem. The good news is that this is our specialist area. Using our Pur360 process, we will remove all surface and airborne mold. Our mold removal services are safe, effective, and long-lasting. We’ll get to work on the mold growing around your home and can also carry out the necessary work to remove all visible traces of mold from walls and ceilings.

Learn About Our Patented Process

When it comes to mold services in Carrollton, you can trust us to completely take care of the problem. We know how worrying and stressful mold can be and how quickly it can spread. We’ll stop it in its tracks with our effective mold remediation services. From ceilings and walls to carpets and upholstery, mold will thrive on any surface if given a chance. That’s where our Pur360 system comes into play. We use safe and effective systems to take care of all types of mold and mildew and leave your home free of this problem. No matter how bad the issue is, our mold removal services will take care of it. We can also assist with mold testing and odor removal so please call if we can assist in these areas.

We Use Patented Technology!