Are you concerned about removing the mold from your home and the disruption that some mold services can involve? Professional mold services from Pur360 using our unique, patented chemical-free process provides effective mold remediation in Mundelein, IL with as little fuss as possible. Mold removal can improve your family’s health from better quality indoor air, preserve your home’s value, and avoid rapid expansion of your mold problems. If you suspect mold is developing in your walls, or see mold growth in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, prompt mold assistance can help prevent further problems. If you have had plumbing leaks, floods including bathroom and kitchen overflows, or condensation in basement spaces during humid summers, preventive mold care can help avoid trouble. If your family is experiencing allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes, even allergy-related asthma from mold spores, your problem is significant and it’s time to act with mold testing and mold remediation.

For residents of Mundelein Station, Holcomb, Tall Grass Ridge, Fields of Ambria, and other areas of Mundelein, our mold professionals are ready to address and resolve your mold concerns.