Pasadena Mold Service Professionals

With a range of proven mold services including testing, treatment with a comprehensive process using patented technology, and careful mold damage repair, Pur360 has become the go-to mold removal resource in Pasadena, TX and across the country. Homeowners, real estate professionals, landlords, and others who need mold remediation in their properties know that the presence of mold can cause extensive damage and affect property values and saleability, so they turn to us for reliable mold services including mold testing. Our process has minimal impact on occupants, with furniture-in-place treatment that takes only 24 hours.

Mold testing is an important part of mold care, identifying the types of airborne mold spores and the areas where mold is spreading actively throughout your home. Our expert mold technicians combine mold testing with an extensive mold inspection to locate mold colonies and identify areas where mold is likely to be growing such as pantries, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and inside walls and cabinets.

I Need A Mold Specialist!

Our mold services follow-up care for severe mold damage including removal of damaged materials and expert repairs, is performed carefully and with the property owner’s approval. Once you get used to living without mold and enjoying the fresh, clean scent of mold remediation success, we also offer ongoing odor removal for those lingering airborne distractions from the kitchen and bathroom to the litter box and laundry.

People call us for many reasons, from helping to address health problems by mold testing and mold removal if needed, to responding to newly discovered mold growth, knowing that there are likely others, or even the acquisition or sale of a property that’s been unoccupied for some time and needs expert care to perform extensive mold removal. Our process is proven, and we get fresh, clean mold remediation results.