How Our Patented Process Works

A convenient & affordable 24-hour solution.

Pur360 patented process is 100% safe, natural, and chemical-free. It permeates carpeting, furnishings, attics, basements, and the walls of your property. Our process is proven to eradicate mold and odors from your property and we provide a 100% guarantee on those services. Once our service is complete, your property will be sanitized and smelling fresh and clean.

A trained and certified Pur360 technician will meet you at your home, set up the necessary equipment, walk you through the entire process, and remain until set-up is complete.

A step-by-step guide

Step-By-Step Guide

Step One

Contact Pur360 for a quote

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Two

Schedule a service date

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Three

Complete Customer Checklist to prepare property for treatment

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Four

Pur360 technician arrives on service date to setup treatment

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Five

Property is vacated and the Pur360 process begins

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Six

Pur360 technician meets the customer at the property 24 hours later, unseals it, removes the equipment and walks the customer through post treatment suggestions

Step-By-Step Guide

Step Seven

The property and the air in it is now 100% pure and the customer can enjoy the benefits of a healthy environment

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