If you are renting, owning or purchasing a home for the first time, mold is an important factor to consider; don’t let anyone tell you it’s not! If you haven’t read our previous article “10 Questions to Ask a Mold Technician Before Buying a Home” then I encourage you to do so now. Today, we would like to expand on some of the myths and truths associated with mold.

Myth #1: “There should never be any mold in your house.”

Truth #1: Mold is everywhere. As soon as you open a window, walk outside or walk into the home from the outside you are bringing in mold; and, if you have a green thumb, mold is cultivating on house plants. What you don’t want are increased level of mold or specific types of mold in your home; such as Stachybotrys Chartarum or black mold.

Myth #2: “If you can’t see mold, you probably don’t have it.”

Truth #2: While being able to see the mold is a huge signal that you have a mold problem, you won’t always see it. Mold can wreak havoc on you or your family for months, maybe years before seeing visible signs. Mold thrives on moisture, period. Unknown leaks inside walls, in attics, condensation in air ducts and more can produce enough mold to cause allergic symptoms.

Myth #3:”If it is in the basement or attic, then it is contained to that area of the house.”

Truth #3: Mold is a free spirit that travels through the air, on clothing, shoes, just about anything it can to get a free ride. Most HVAC blowing units are found in the basement and have the ability to help mold spread throughout your home courtesy of the air ducts. A bathroom vent improperly vented or roof leaks can harvest mold and penetrate ceilings of our living space until discovered.

Myth #4: “My house can only have mold if there was a flood or leak.”

Truth #4: Moisture is the key and that doesn’t always come from a leak. Roof damming, high humidity, improper venting, restricted air flow are also culprits that can promote mold in your home.

Myth #5: “Mold remediation is a huge undertaking — everything has to be torn out.”

Truth #5: There have been some great advances in technology over the past ten plus years that now offer treatment without complete demolition and without chemicals. Be sure to do your homework though, not every process is equal or as effective.

One of the most common pollutants in home and business environments is mold related to excess moisture, and by the time mold becomes visible, the problem is usually quite serious. Request a quote for a mold test today!