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I don’t do reviews but in this case I will make an exception. These guys are absolutely incredible, we have been smoking in our house for 25 years and are now selling it. We did the treatment and I thought it would need two treatments so they didn’t even argue we set up for second treatment right then and it worked great. They guarantee their work so will come back if needed as many times as necessary. Very Very friendly and respectful, Blaine was outstanding at his job. I wish all companies could be this way. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

– Gary C.

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“We had mold in our basement due to a long-time crack in the foundation. Pur360 was extremely helpful and educated us throughout the process. The technician was on time, thorough, and friendly. Most importantly, the mold and smell are gone, and I’m 100% happy with the outcome.”

– Tamika T.

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“Pur360 was very reliable in removing mold from our property. Treatment was conducted in a professional manner in the time promised. Technician Parker explained the process and concerns. We highly recommend this service for mold-related prevention and removal. We’re very happy with our results. Thank you.”

– Herbert G.

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“We just had an inspection where Joe was able to put our minds at ease with his thorough evaluation and recommendations. I would absolutely recommend Pur360 to anyone with ANY mold concerns in their residence or place of business.”

– Melissa M.

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“I had a fantastic experience with Pure 360 Services. Their timeliness, informative staff like Parker, and dedication to being on time were impressive. I highly recommend their services for tackling mold and odor removal.”

– Jess C.

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“I cannot express how wonderful this company is. I am a realtor and was in need of smoke odor elimination due to 20+ years of smoking by the homeowner. They were super responsive. They honored their word. And most importantly, the treatment worked!!!! The people I worked with and spoke with were all amazing. And the cost was fair. If you need to rid a home of an odor, call this company. I look forward to working with them whenever I am in need for my clients. I love this company!”

– Jennifer C.

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“I hired Pur360 for a home we purchased where the previous owner was a smoker. After the treatment, there is a huge difference in the air quality. The tech, Nick, did a great job explaining everything, and he put my mind at ease. If I detect any odor, they will come back and re-treat. The treatment may seem pricey, but it’s guaranteed, so it’s worth it.”

– JoAnn F.

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“The service was truly amazing. I still cannot believe that the smells and odors from my 60-year-old closed-in home are GONE! And I mean gone. Joe and Christine are great. You will not regret spending hard-earned money to get this work done in your home.”

– Jason M.

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“This company was quick in responding to my inquiry and very kind. Cody came out and explained all the steps of the testing to me and was very thorough and professional. Very glad I chose this company over the others.”

– Kasey J.

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“We had a couple of contractors look at our attic and told us it has mold, and the nails are rotted. We asked Pur360 to take a look since they have good reviews and don’t have an incentive to lie. Dave came by today and looked everywhere and told me there is 0 mold, everything is good, and he even gave me some tips on why/when to use a dehumidifier in the basement. We really appreciate his honesty and advice. Highly recommend!”

– Jiexi Z.

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“My tech, Marco, showed up on time with a great attitude and a smile on his face. He chatted with me about my house, explained exactly what he would be doing, and then did so without further ado. It was all so painless and professional. I am very impressed with Marco and Pur360. I will only use their services in the future. Kudos to Pur360 for hiring employees like Marco and delivering such quality service!”

– Ian M.

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“I called Pur360 because I had a cooking accident and was struggling with the smell of smoke and haze over a week later. Zak was extremely responsive over the phone and got me connected to Marco, who was able to come to my place the same day and help me out. The communication was excellent—real-time texts as to when your technician is arriving, etc. Marco was lovely to work with—very courteous, informative, and efficient. He told me exactly what to expect throughout the process. Very impressed with this company, I highly recommend them.”

– Crystal P.

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“After consulting with a few mold remediation companies, I decided that I am going to work with Pur360. I feel confident after I talk to people in this company. They are very friendly, professional, and give me a good solution with a reasonable estimate. Technician Jose Alfredo showed up on time and explained everything very clean. I was assured that the mold problem would be resolved with their technology. Jose is very professional and very easy to communicate with. He did a thorough job and solved the mold problem. Pur360 also helped me to issue a mold-free certificate immediately after I called them. I think I made the right decision to hire Pur360 to do mold remediation. I will definitely recommend the company to others.”

– Upfront Home

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“Pur360 is a great company with awesome employees. They’re very responsive and are always on top of their game. I’d recommend them to anyone! Thanks again for helping out my clients.”

– Dominic M.

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“I was able to use Pur360 in my home, and now I am using them in a commercial building. They are so lovely to work with. Kind, courteous, and very honest.”

– Susanne D.

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“I recently hired Pur360’s for mold removal service for my bathroom. From their prompt response to the exceptional work done by Brendan, I am more than happy to give them a well-deserved 5-star review.

Pur360 team’s responsiveness and punctuality were truly impressive. They promptly answered my inquiry and understood the urgency of mold removal.

By applying mold-preventing paint, Brendan not only removed the existing mold but also took proactive measures to prevent its recurrence. This level of care and dedication to ensuring a long-lasting solution is truly commendable. The ceiling of my bathroom looks flawless, and the attention to detail is evident in every corner.

He was friendly and took the time to explain the steps involved in the mold removal process. This level of customer service is greatly appreciated and further enhances the overall experience with Pur360.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Pur360’s mold removal service for anyone in need of professional and effective mold remediation.”

– Maahir D.

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