Our goal is to help our customers maintain a healthy environment, so they can breathe easy.

100% Pure Within 24 Hours from Pur360Our name Pur360, is derived from the benefits that our patented process delivers: a 100% pure indoor environment and 100% pure indoor air quality, which encompasses your entire residence or commercial space within a 24-hour period. We transform the oxygen that is present in the area to be treated with our Pur360 patented process to eradicate odors, toxigenic mold, allergens, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and pests.

Our patented process renders the treated area and the air in it 100% pure. The safe, all-natural, chemical-free process of Pur360 allows our customers to measurably improve their living and working conditions in a way that is both convenient and economical.

We take pride in making your life easier and healthier.
Our Technicians

To ensure our customers of quality results, our technicians undergo an extensive training program on the proper utilization of Pur360’s process. We employ technicians of the highest caliber and believe in continuing education for both our technicians and support staff.

When you allow us into your home, you trust us to deliver the service and results that we’ve promised professionally and ethically. The Pur360 team works hard to preserve and maintain that trust before, during, and after the service is performed.

Pur360 Proven Process

Over 1 million sq. ft. sanitized & purified

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