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Urine and Dander

Eradicate Lasting Pet Odors

Our beloved pets are a common source of odors in our homes. Their urine becomes embedded into furniture, baseboards, and carpeting. Pur360’s odor-eliminating treatment targets and destroys heavy urine smells at the source, providing a long-lasting solution. Instead of merely masking odors, our process neutralizes the chemical compounds responsible for these smells.

Pur360 offers a safe and effective solution to eliminate stubborn pet odors for good. Unlike many products on the market, our treatments do not contain harmful chemicals or require constant maintenance. This patented process ensures the affected areas are free from health risks to your pets.

Our Advanced Technology
Eliminates Odors at the Source

Anyone with a pet knows they have accidents, no matter how well they are trained. An occasion urine spot can often be treated with household products. Heavily soiled carpets, however, need more intensive help. Our patented treatment process penetrates deep into carpets and fabrics to eliminate odors at the molecular level. It breaks down the odor-causing matter inside these soft surfaces, destroying urine microorganisms.

  • Designed for heavily soiled homes

  • Safe and chemical-free treatment

  • No health risks for pets

  • Long-lasting results

Another culprit of pet odors is dander, a common allergen composed of tiny skin flakes that linger in the air. Furry and feathered pets leave behind dander on various surfaces like furniture, carpeting, and wood flooring, adding to the odor problem. Our technology is proven to destroy these microscopic allergens, eliminating airborne and surface dander.

Dog giving a troubled cute look because the dog peed on the carpet, which now has pee stains

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Pūr360 is a Proven Process

Treat unpleasant odors at the source and refresh your space.

  • Homes

  • Apartments
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels

Residual Pet Urine

Dangerous Odor

Pet urine poses serious health hazards if not cleaned and removed promptly. Their urine emits ammonia into the air, which can trigger issues like asthma and allergies in areas with reduced ventilation. Ammonia exposure can cause a burning sensation in the lungs, throat, and respiratory tract, leading to discomfort. It can also lead to lightheadedness, fainting, and skin irritation. Those with weak immune systems and other health conditions are particularly vulnerable to the risks of ammonia inhalation.

Banish Pet Odors

A Fresh and Clean Space

Discover the revolutionary power of our patented technology for pet odor removal. Our innovative process goes beyond merely masking odors. We don’t just cover up the problem with deodorizers or cleaning solutions. We eradicate the compounds responsible for unpleasant smells, sanitizing the air of contaminants.

An orange cat laying on a grey couch with urine next to the cat. The cat looks suspicious...
The Pūr360 Advantage

Our Guarantee

Pur360 believes in standing behind our work and process, offering our customers a 100% guarantee. If the mold or odor returns after our service is completed and the source of the issue is remedied, we will retreat your property at no additional charge per our terms and conditions.

Honest evaluations Proven to eradicate mold, odor, and bacteria No excess demolition
Chemical Free Treat Entire Home 24-Hour or Less Turnaround Time 100% Eradication No Need to Remove Carpet or Replace Furniture Best Cost Per sq. ft. 100% Guaranteed
Hassle-Free Payment

Financing Available

At Pur360, our commitment extends beyond our remediation services. Our team firmly believes that a safe and healthy environment should be accessible to everyone. We offer flexible financing options upon approval to simplify the process and help you manage this unforeseen expense.

Checking eligibility takes just a minute and won’t impact your credit score. We also provide upfront estimates so you can make informed decisions for your family or workforce. Your well-being is our priority, and our work is always backed by our 100% guarantee.

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