A mold technician cotton-swabbing a expected mold area on the ceiling
Mold Detection

Uncover Areas
Needing Remediation

The presence of mold growth can be challenging to detect. Even if it’s not visible, mold could thrive in hidden areas, releasing harmful spores into the air. Pur360’s mold inspection services are crucial in uncovering these hidden threats. Our technicians thoroughly inspect your home or business, identifying mold growth and its source.

With certified results from our pre-treatment mold inspection, you gain a clear understanding of the mold levels in your space. Our professionally trained mold inspection personnel will provide a detailed review of our findings and outline your next steps with expert advice. You’ll receive an upfront cost, and we’ll schedule mold removal at your convenience.

Trust Pūr360 For Thorough
Mold Inspection and Testing

Regular home inspections are vital to catch early signs of mold growth and prevent potential health hazards. Keep an eye out for telltale indicators such as foul odors and the appearance of white, gray-brown, pink, or gray-green spots on walls, floors, or ceilings.

Mold often lurks in less visible spaces, including behind walls and above ceilings in crawl spaces, attics, and basements. Given its tendency to hide in hard-to-reach places, early detection through routine inspections is crucial for timely intervention and preventing potential health hazards associated with mold growth.

  • Ensure your safety and well-being

  • Allow for quick remediation

  • Avoid further contamination

  • Prevent extensive damage

Our two-fold inspection approach enables us to determine the level of sanitization required to eliminate mold and create a safe environment. Before initiating remediation, we conduct pre-treatment mold testing, providing property owners with certified results on mold levels in their property. Post-treatment testing follows to ensure the complete success of the remediation process, allowing for a comprehensive comparison of mold issues before and after treatment.

Attic with Mold before being treated by Pur360
Before Mold Removal
Attic with no mold after being treated by Pur360
After Mold Removal

Detect & Prevent
Mold Damage

Ensure a safer and healthier indoor environment

  • Protect your home or business

  • Prevent prolonged exposure

  • Mitigate potential health risks

  • Gain peace of mind

Early Intervention

Maintain a
Healthy Space

Mold is one of the fastest-growing environmental health risks in the United States. Black mold is considered the most dangerous, warranting immediate evacuation of your home if discovered. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, mold inspection services are crucial to guarantee the safety and health of your property. Having mold testing performed can help you understand the severity of the problem and allow you to act before an infestation leads to flu-like symptoms or respiratory damage.

Water Damaged Concrete Floor
Timely Inspections

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading causes of mold and mildew within a property. Whenever a leak or standing water is detected, it is crucial to schedule a mold inspection. Quick action in response to water-related issues can prevent the development and spread of mold, which poses risks to the structural integrity of your property.

Hassle-Free Payment

Financing Available

At Pur360, our commitment extends beyond our remediation services. Our team firmly believes that a safe and healthy environment should be accessible to everyone. We offer flexible financing options upon approval to simplify the process and help you manage this unforeseen expense.

Checking eligibility takes just a minute and won’t impact your credit score. We also provide upfront estimates so you can make informed decisions for your family or workforce. Your well-being is our priority, and our work is always backed by our 100% guarantee.

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The Pūr360 Advantage

Our Guarantee

Pur360 believes in standing behind our work and process, offering our customers a 100% guarantee. If the mold or odor returns after our service is completed and the source of the issue is remedied, we will retreat your property at no additional charge per our terms and conditions.

Honest evaluations Proven to eradicate mold, odor, and bacteria No excess demolition
Chemical Free Treat Entire Home 24-Hour or Less Turnaround Time 100% Eradication No Need to Remove Carpet or Replace Furniture Best Cost Per sq. ft. 100% Guaranteed
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