If you are researching mold, then you must be showing signs in your home; smell, visual, surfaces, attic, basement, bathroom. What is the benefit of treating the entire house rather than one specific area? Continue reading to find out!

1. Airborne

This is one of the main reasons why treating a designated area is not recommended. Mold is an airborne fungus that is able to attach to unsuspecting places in your home and allow for new growth. If you only treat one area then it is possible you are not properly catching the root of the problem. The mold you see could be coming from a different source that you can’t see. Read about eight places you didn’t know mold could exist.

2. Surface

If you can see the mold it has definitely had time to breed. The assistance of dampness and moisture is a contributing factor to the speed in which it multiplies. The subway of vent fans, steam, and textiles project this growth into other areas of your home such as bedrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements. You may not be able to see it yet, but musty smells, unused areas such as an attic or moisture trapping areas as a basement have the perfect environments to take a traveling mold spore and allow it to flourish.

3. Allergens

Mold is an allergen that can cause the same symptoms as a cold or flu. By not addressing your entire home, you can run the risk of aggravating or creating symptoms for your family. Another prime location to harbor the breeding is your air duct. Practically every day the air you breathe within your home is being recirculated through your HVAC system and blown back out of the vents. Even a filter cannot capture the spores being produced inside the air ducts.

4. Construction

Generally, the thought of testing and treating your entire house for mold gives you the sneaky suspicion that there will be additional costs for repair. As long as the source of the moisture has been alleviated, whether due to dryer vent, bathroom vent or leak, there is a non-chemical, guaranteed service that can actually treat the entire space. The need to remove undamaged drywall is unnecessary. In just one 24-hour treatment, air ducts, behind walls, the entire space from floor to ceiling will be treated and the mold will be eradicated.

The temptation to only treat what you can see is strong and may seem as a more cost-effective treatment at the time. When you consider what is still lurking in your home it may not be the best choice. Call Pur360 today to learn more about mold treatment options in your area!