Getting rid of a pervasive mold problem requires far more than a bottle of bleach and good old-fashioned elbow grease. Although chlorine-based, store-bought solutions can certainly brighten mold-covered surfaces, they don’t eliminate mold itself. When mold spores take root, they establish vast, unseen networks of hyphae and mycelium deep within the porous surfaces of grout, drywall, counters, and more. If you currently have a mold problem in your home, the following are eight solid reasons to schedule professional mold treatment.

1. You’ve Just Experienced a Major Flood

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it takes just 48 hours for mold spores to develop after any major flood event. Whether you’ve just experienced a whole-house plumbing backup or had your storage-based water heater burst, there’s a high likelihood of developing a major mold problem in the near future. Even when water removal specialists enter the home right away, small amounts of moisture can remain trapped within building materials for days. By the time air movers, fans, and heaters have done their jobs, damp baseboards, sub-floors, and drywall are already harboring fungi. Putting mold removal experts on the job will ensure that your living space is fully returned to its safe, healthy, pre-flood condition.

2. Professional Mold Treatment Will Protect Your Home’s Value

Some consumers purchase homes with the intention of living in them forever. However, most do not. In fact, the average home buyer will outgrow their current residence within just five to 10 years. There are also many people who invest in residential properties to generate passive income via vacation rentals, standard rentals, or profitable flips. No matter what the case may be, there will likely come a time when you’ll want to list your home on the market.

Battling mold infestations on your own can take years if not decades to produce a truly successful outcome. This is especially true when homeowners wage this war with store-bought cleaners or homemade mold-killing solutions. The longer it takes to effectively eliminate a mold problem, the more building damage that will occur. Mold itself can leave drywall, paint, fixtures, and other visible elements discolored, disfigured, and soft to the touch. Moreover, any slow, hidden leaks or other moisture problems that are responsible for the initial formation of mold will wreak havoc on property values until they’re identified and resolved as well.

Professional mold remediation always starts by identifying and addressing the underlying cause of mold problems. This can include installing whole-house dehumidification equipment, tightening loose connections at the backs of appliances, installing sump pumps, finding and repairing hidden leaks, and adding mechanical ventilation. Taking a proactive and targeted approach to both eliminating mold and preventing its recurrence will make it infinitely easier to attract qualified and motivated buyers in the future. It can also help you offload your home at a respectable price.

3. Timely Mold Treatments Reduce the Risk of Mold-Related Illness

Untreated mold infestations never remain contained in small, isolated areas for very long. In active households, mold spores can enter HVAC systems almost immediately. Accidentally agitating mold clusters while the heater or air conditioner is on could result in mold spores being circulated to every corner of the building. When the conditions are right and the correct treatments aren’t being used, mold is constantly thriving, flourishing, and spreading.

The human body has a fair amount of resistance to mold. Humans encounter mold almost everywhere they go. Even simply taking a hike in nature will expose you to various forms of these fungi. Although outdoor exposure frequently results in mild irritation, it won’t leave you riddled with symptoms like recurring headaches, low energy, depression, and sinus problems.

Encountering mold in a tightly sealed home is far different. This type of exposure has a near-immediate impact on human health. Entering a moldy bathroom, bedroom, or basement can leave you with watery, itchy eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, and throat and chest irritation. Allowing mold to fester and spread will heighten these symptoms and add to them. Whether you’re worried about the cost of mold removal or eager to try a natural, do-it-yourself solution, delaying mold treatment is never a good idea. The sooner that you start professional mold remediation, the less likely building residents are to become seriously ill.

4. Mold Treatment Is Essential for Those With Chronic Respiratory Issues

There’s never time to waste when people living in your home have chronic respiratory issues. If you or one of your family members struggles with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, allergies, or recurring chest infections, unchecked mold is guaranteed to exacerbate their symptoms. As mold spreads, you can expect all affected individuals to have more frequent episodes or attacks. You can also expect these events to be markedly more severe. Among the many triggers for asthma and other respiratory ailments, mold is always a top culprit.

5. Your Home Is Constantly Humid and Musty-Smelling

Whether seen or unseen, indoor mold busily works to maintain its ideal environment. Although dank, musty, and humid conditions are perfect for mold formation, they’re also the result of fast-spreading mold infestations. Not only will professional mold treatment identify any water leaks or other underlying causes of mold, but it will also eliminate the vast networks of moisture-generating fungi that are making your living space feel clammy and unpleasant. Properly sanitizing mold-infested surfaces can also create cleaner and far fresher-smelling indoor air.

6. You Want to Salvage Your HVAC Equipment

If your HVAC air ducts and your connected heating and cooling equipment are already infested with mold, the only way to get a lasting solution is by working with licensed professionals. Infested HVAC systems can harbor mold spores in many hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, they can also harbor enough moisture to support vast mold populations and accommodate the growth of more. Worst of all, every time you turn your heater or air conditioner on, the problem will spread and your indoor air quality will instantly and dramatically decline. Although it can be tempting to simply take all of your HVAC equipment out and start fresh, we offer a faster, easier, and far more cost-effective solution.

7. You’re Tired of Treating Mold With Chlorine, Vinegar, and Other Ineffective Solutions

It may be that you’ve already tried it all. Some homeowners have spent months dousing visible mold with bleach, ammonia, and other powerful, store-bought cleaners. Others have tried white vinegar, homemade thieves vinegar, and reactive solutions of baking soda and citric acid. Some consumers have even used rubbing alcohol, clear, distilled alcohol, and dubious applications of gasoline.

We use patented, proprietary technology that instantly permeates all porous surfaces throughout the building. Our innovative and highly effective mold treatment eliminates mold spores from carpeting, furnishings, unsealed drywall and wood, and more. Best of all, it eliminates both mold and mold odors. When our work is done, your home will be cleaner, drier, and fresher smelling. With our cutting-edge sanitization methods, you won’t have to worry about having your mold problems recur.

8. You’re Being Treated for Mold Toxicity

Health-wise, there’s no treatment for mold exposure or mold toxicity that’s worth investing in if you haven’t yet eliminated mold from your living environment. Naturopathic treatments, prescription-strength antibiotics, and potent IV infusions will all fall short of providing lasting relief if your home is muggy, musty, and mold-addled. If you’re struggling with the symptoms of mold toxicity, the first step in improving your health is cleaning your indoor air and all of your affected home furnishings, systems, and features.

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