The difference between a great property manager and just an average property manager is keeping good tenants. However, and inevitably, both good and bad tenants do move out eventually. So, what can you do to get the good tenants back in and keep them happy? Continue reading to find out!

Being able to step outside of being a property manager and look through the eyes of the tenant will give a new perspective on how to keep them happy. Use these three key elements to focus on:


What is the tenant looking for in their new or current residence? Start by doing an evaluation of your property and the curb appeal. Maintenance is one of the top 10 things a potential and current tenant will immediately notice on the grounds, clubhouse and surrounding apartments. If a downturn in maintenance is noticeable and consistent, it will affect occupancy.


Does the property respond to repairs on a timely basis? An evaluation of the services, staff members or subcontracted workers, performed for tenants will provide key information to properly manage timely repairs. Working directly with workers to assign reasonable times for repairs, this will allow for proper scheduling to ensure all requests are handled efficiently and timely.


Is the apartment being moved into clean? There are many factors that come into play under the “cleanliness” category, here are the top three. General cleanliness, odors and pests. Sometimes even the most efficient cleaners don’t get all the grime. Be sure to take a few extra moments to look around baseboards, window sills, in cabinets and refrigerators.

Odors are immediately noticeable. Mold, pets, smoking or poor cleaning habits can’t always be handled with just cleaning the carpets, they linger. In addition, they can harbor pests that are a little harder to get rid of. By utilizing the right companies to handle the jobs, you can ensure a thorough cleaning and eradication of odors and some pests in a timely and efficiently manner so that it doesn’t have to be retreated.