You decide to venture down into the basement for those old family albums. The door to the basement is opened, then you smell it … musty, mold. You don’t see anything visible on the wall, but you definitely smell it.

The basement is one of the leading locations that mold is setting up residence in your home. Many causes can be due to leaking foundations, condensation from appliances or even an old issue that has been corrected, but wasn’t properly treated. All of these reasons give mold the opportunity to grow and by the time it becomes visible, the problem is usually quite serious.

What are the best ways to treat mold in the basement? Start by identifying a few key components: Is it on an unfinished wall? Is it on drywall? Is it potentially behind the walls? Has it spread to other areas in the house? Is it airborne?

Proper mold testing can help you answer these questions. Now, how to properly treat the area(s):

1) DIY (Do It Yourself)

This is a good way to treat visible, small jobs, but requires a weekend of your time and proper safety measures to ensure you aren’t breathing in toxic mold. Not to mention, if it is on drywall, you may have a bigger project on your hands than anticipated.

2) Chemical Treatments

While only topically treating the area, additional toxins are being released into the air and potentially missing mold lurking behind the scene.

3) A Chemical-Free Treatment

The Pur360 patented process permeates and removes mold and mildew from fabric, carpeting, furnishings, attics, basements, crawl spaces, duct work, insulation, and the walls of your premises, without the need to remove or replace them, if they aren’t damaged. Killing all live mold without chemicals in 24-hours!