Have you noticed an odd odor in your basement lately? Do you feel uncomfortable or fatigued after spending time down there? Mold is a serious issue that every homeowner with a basement should watch out for. A mold outbreak can start in your basement and quickly spread through your HVAC system in the form of spores. You may not even notice the problem until your whole home has been infected.

Protect your family and home against mold by catching the problem early and calling in the professionals. Here’s everything you need to know about identifying mold in your basement and what professional treatment can look like.

Potential Causes

Mold spores and growths thrive in dark, damp areas. Basements are often the ideal locations due to their proximity to groundwater. You likely also have your central air conditioning, washer and other appliances in the basement. Along with common groundwater, your basement has to deal with foundational cracks and leaking pipes. Any amount of standing water can cause mold to develop.

In addition, many homes struggle with mold during the wet season when you’re at higher risk of flooding. The increased moisture in the air can seep into the walls and furnishings, giving spores the perfect environment they need to spread. These invisible spores will circulate in the home, landing on counters, clothes and blankets. It only takes a couple of days for mold spores to multiply and completely invade your home.

It’s essential to monitor your plumbing, appliances and HVAC system constantly during the year for any signs of leakage. If your home experiences a flooding emergency, immediately bring in the professionals at Pur360 to properly dry out the area. Finding the cause of the mold outbreak early can minimize damage and protect your home against spreading spores.

Signs of Mold

One of the first noticeable signs of mold is the smell. Mold is often described as having a musty or earthy smell, which may worsen over time as the spores spread. While your basement may smell differently from the rest of your home, it should never carry an unpleasant, lingering odor.

You may also notice visible watermarks on the floors or walls. These marks can be caused by water leaks or built-up condensation. Don’t allow the watermarks in your basement to worsen or increase over time. Call Pur360 to find the source of the water and resolve the issue.

Another sign of mold is visible gray, white or black spots on your belongings or walls. Mold frequently grows near water or sewage pipes, on storage boxes and around the ductwork. You may not see visible signs of mold until the outbreak has considerably worsened. Avoid waiting until you see the mold itself to begin addressing the issue. Delaying action for too long can worsen the outbreak and infect more of the home.

An increased humidity level is likely to bring new pests like centipedes, cockroaches or rats into the home. These infestations may start in one area of the basement before spreading to other parts of the home through the ductwork.

If mold is left in the home for too long, you’ll begin to feel the impact on your health. You’ll be more likely to sneeze, cough and have trouble sleeping. Springtime is a uniquely difficult time when struggling with a mold outbreak, as you may attribute your symptoms to seasonal allergies. In reality, mold causes a host of health issues from fatigue to headaches to rashes.

Removing the Mold

Your first instinct when you determine you have a mold issue may be to try and clean it yourself. Many do-it-yourself websites recommend a bleach or vinegar solution to kill the spores and remove the visible signs of mold. While using these products may yield varying results, they’re not your best option if you want all of the mold gone.

Avoid attempting to remove your basement mold by yourself. Only professionals have the gear and experience to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home. Disturbing the spores by scraping or wiping them off presents serious health risks. You likely don’t have the respirator and protective clothing to stop the spores from getting on your skin and in your lungs.

Fully removing the mold from your home requires special gear, ventilation equipment and products that can often only be appropriately handled by professionals. Using store-bought cleaners will lower your indoor air quality and can present a safety hazard to your family.

Mold is a serious issue that needs to be professionally handled in order to avoid another outbreak. While it may seem more cost-efficient to attempt your own removal process, you’ll likely save more by hiring experts. Don’t waste your money or time trying products that may not work. Bring in the certified professionals at Pur360 who have years of experience removing basement mold.

Trust the Technicians

Licensed experts have the training and experience to test every part of your basement for mold. They’ll spot areas that have been infected and potential water leaks that need to be addressed. Mold removal technicians use safe, chemical-free products that thoroughly permeate your walls, furnishings and carpeting without causing damage.

Experts can easily identify the type and toxicity of the mold in your basement. Using online searches for mold identification is risky and can’t be completely trusted. Dangerous molds can leave spores in your vacuum and cleaning tools, making it impossible to remove by yourself without endangering your family. Mold removal technicians often ask the household to leave the home for 24 hours for maximum protection during the process.

Experts come with a guarantee of excellence and quality assurance. The best technicians are also insured, protecting you and your home against any unforeseen accidents. When you bring in industry professionals, you’re gaining access to the most advanced mold eradication methods.

After the mold has been removed, you can also ask for further information to keep it out of your home in the future. Active prevention is the best way to protect your home and family. Do-it-yourself methods can’t guarantee results every time. Professionals are trained and certified to deliver top-of-the-line service and results. The best way to keep your home safe against mold is to trust the experts.

Call the Experts!

Pur360 understands how stressful it can be to deal with basement mold. We’re a locally owned and operated company in Lake Zurich, IL. We’ve expanded our reach to include cities in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin and Georgia. Pur360 is well-known for our patented mold removal process. We offer residences and businesses a permanent solution to every mold problem. Our team also provides ultraviolet sanitization services, attic stain removal and dehumidifier rentals. After the home has been cleaned, we can even remove or repair any carpet or drywall that was damaged due to mold. Call us today for a free inspection or second opinion! We look forward to serving you.