Overhead, as a noun, is defined as a cost or expense that a business encounters to operate. It is a necessary draw on the bottom line, but one management doesn’t like to pay. Most companies do what they can to keep this figure as low as possible.

So, how do you justify the benefit of mold eradication services for your company when it’s considered an unnecessary overhead expense? Continue reading to find out how to explain the benefits of mold eradication to your boss.
No Building Is Perfect

Through the seasons, office buildings protect workers from rain, snow, hot sun and the occasional bathroom catastrophes. Over time, even with good maintenance, things start to wear down. Tiny roof leaks, big bathroom leaks, unsealed doors, temperature changes and let’s not forget the lunchroom with forgotten food, spills and the refrigerator no one cleans. All can create the perfect atmosphere for mold, allergen and bacteria growth.

Sick Building Syndrome

It is reasonable to understand that there are VOC (volatile organic compounds), allergens, mold and bacteria floating around in the air we breathe; but over time, these can build up inside the workplace to a level that can be unhealthy. Thanks to modern technology that keeps the elements out, it also keeps them in.

Sanitization Schedule

Often times if a regularly scheduled sanitization of a work space is scheduled, a better rate can be negotiated. Twice a year will give it the one-two punch and stop any issues in its tracks.

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees

The better employees feel the better they work. If a coworker is sick and coughing and sneezing all over, they are thinking about when they are going to get sick rather than the tasks at hand.

Investing in the Workforce

While overhead isn’t viewed as a means to bring in money, in a way, it actually does. A business couldn’t contact customers without phones, computers and the internet. The employees provide the backbone of a company and better working conditions make for happy employees who make happy customers.