Dealing with a mold outbreak in your home can be stressful. You may not be sure where it started or if it’s made its way deep into your walls. Living in an environment with airborne spores can worsen your family’s health and infect every inch of your house, from your ducts to your fabrics and carpets.

It could also worsen your sensitivities, like your asthma symptoms, or lead to long-term respiratory conditions. Calling in a mold professional is often the only guaranteed way to clear your home of any fungal growth. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a local and dependable mold contractor.

Duties of a Mold Contractor

The first step to finding the right mold company is to learn how these professionals tackle home outbreaks. Licensed mold experts will inspect and test your property for mold and then provide suitable mold remediation options. The inspection portion of the service includes checking major surfaces in key areas like your walls, floors, carpets, and cupboards. They’ll also test the air to determine the type of mold worsening your air quality.

You may find you require a mold inspection when you first move into a new house or start a remodeling project. These services can also be useful after you’ve experienced a home emergency like a flooded basement or leaking roof. Most mold outbreaks start small and may only manifest as a faint musty smell. Eventually, you’ll notice dark spots growing in damp areas in your basement, near your floor drains, or under your sinks.

Once mold professionals have confirmed the presence of fungus, they’ll complete a remediation/eradication process. You’ll be asked to leave your home so the team can quickly and efficiently remove the source of your mold spores. In some cases, certain furniture items or carpets damaged beyond repair may have to be removed entirely and replaced.

Other Potential Side Benefits

When you choose Pur360, you can rely on our superior technology to tackle both mold and other odor issues in your home. Our patented process is natural, chemical-free, and takes only 24 hours to completely permeate your entire house. Day-to-day activities like cooking, smoking, burning candles, and using aerosols can allow odors to settle into your fabrics. Other prominent sources of unpleasant smells can come from living with pets, fungus outbreaks, and water damage.

Spraying air fresheners won’t provide a lasting solution. You can instead trust our experts to tackle the odors at the source. Along with removing fungus spores, our process will also strip away the accumulated volatile organic compounds lingering in your home. We can also help you after an emergency like a fire or burst pipe. Feel free to call us to tackle the smells in your vehicle, boat, or hard-to-clean areas of your home like your unfinished basement or attic.

The Pur360 mold removal process only requires one treatment to completely clear your home of fungus and odors. The procedure may take longer than a day if you’re in a larger industrial building, apartment complex, or commercial property. The level of treatment depends on square footage, the number of floors, and the types of biological or bacterial contaminants present. All of this information will be factored into your consultation before we start.

Choosing the Right Mold Professionals

Working with an underqualified team could have disastrous effects. They may not be able to completely tackle the problem, or worse, they’ll push it further into your walls and out of sight. Before you choose your mold contractor, you’ll want to first ensure the company has the proper training, experience, and certifications for your state. It will also be helpful to opt for a team trained in water damage restoration that can help you fix your walls or floors.

Before you agree to service, ask the company about their testing and sanitization procedures. Some contractors may use strong chemicals that could keep you out of your home for up to a week. Other professionals opt for safer alternatives that are still effective but won’t pose any risk to your household’s safety or health.

Be sure to check the company’s online reviews to determine how well they’ve worked with other locals. Exceptional contractors may also have approvals or remmendations from sources like HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or

Once you’ve accumulated a list of a few local mold service providers, you can request estimates or quotes. This will help you determine their prices as well as their unique recommendations for your home. You’ll want to work with a company that offers a satisfaction or quality guarantee, so you’re assured the remediation is effective the first time.

Mold Contractors Pros and Cons

If you’re not sure if you should hire a contractor, consider these potential advantages and costs. When you rely on professional services, you’ll receive high-quality information about your home’s outbreak. Professional contractors can tell you what spores are in your home, the possible causes behind the outbreak, and the best remediation plan. The thorough air and surface inspection is much more reliable than do-it-yourself tests that may not be entirely accurate.

You may be tempted to take care of your mold problem with bleach or by removing the infected belongings. However, this often isn’t enough to remove all the fungus from your property. You won’t be able to easily tackle the spores growing behind your walls. Professional solutions ensure your home is completely free of any mold by the end of your service. Expert sanitization options can reach every floor and room, including your ducts and HVAC system.

When you consider working with mold contractors, you need to be aware that the cost is higher than attempting do-it-yourself hacks. You’ll likely have to pay for the inspection as well as the separate eradication process. Other fees may be charged if you require restoration, stain or carpet removal, or painting. However, relying on professional services is an investment in your home’s future security as well as its safety for your family.

Renowned Residential Mold Contractor Team

Pur360 is fully committed to handling all your mold testing and remediation needs. Our friendly and highly trained technicians can inspect your home and offer unique solutions that fit your budget and needs. We strive to provide the best customer service at all times and offer financing options on approved credit. We serve several key cities in Texas and more communities across Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Illinois.

Depend on us for expert mold inspections, restoration, and odor removal. We also boast ultraviolet sanitization services as well as convenient carpet and drywall removal. If necessary, we’ll rent you a dehumidifier or high-quality fan to dry up any lingering water after a flooding event. Call Pur360 now to learn more about our exciting and completely natural mold remediation process.