When you need mold services in Skokie, IL, contact the team here at Pur360. We’re experts in mold removal and have been offering our affordable and professional services for years. We specialize in mold remediation services, offering a wide selection of options under one roof. From removal of mold and mildew to painting and improving air quality, you can depend on our team. We use our patented Pur360 mold removal system to eradicate all traces of mold throughout your home. Whether you have mold in your kitchen or mildew in your basement, we offer a complete 360 service that removes all visible and unseen traces of mold. Our certified technicians will carry out thorough mold testing to ensure we understand what type of mold we are dealing with. Armed with this information, we can tackle mold head-on and make this problem a thing of the past for you. That’s good news for you and good news for your family.

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