If you’ve ever experienced mold problems before, signs of mold in your home can get you worrying. You know it can be widespread before you notice it, it may be hard to remove, and mold can affect your property value. Airborne mold spores can also affect your family’s health, so it’s not a concern that can wait. Our expert mold services in Verona, WI can provide a logical, organized, and minimally disruptive response that starts with mold testing and ends with your peace of mind. Pur360 has the experience and patented treatment you can count on, putting a halt to mold-related damage and eliminating the toxins, allergens, and other health effects that increase with mold growth in your home.

Remember, when you have moisture, condensation, water damage from flooding or plumbing problems, and other situations that could encourage mold growth, you may have further issues in enclosed areas such as inside walls or attic spaces where there’s low air circulation as well as moisture. Our team tests your air carefully and creates a custom mold services plan with a minimum of effect on your family’s routines.

For homeowners, landlords, and real estate professionals in Cathedral Point, Kettle Creek, Cross Country Heights, Westridge Estates, or elsewhere in Verona, our expert mold remediation services have your property covered.