Have you had moisture or water damage problems in your Waunakee, WI home? Are there enclosed spaces where air doesn’t circulate well? If you’re worried about mold problems and whether they’re spreading, what the origin is, and what it will take to remove and protect your property, Pur360 can help. From mold testing and mold removal to fan and dehumidifier rental, we’re experts on mold problems with a careful strategy and patented treatment that provide mold remediation throughout your home, stopping the spread and resulting damage and health problems.

If you’ve been living with mold spores, toxins, allergens, and other health risks, you’ll appreciate the thoroughness and success of our approach. Our mold services experts look for water damage, moisture build-up, condensation, and other mold-friendly environments. They also check in enclosed spaces like walls and attics, and test for airborne mold spores to plan our customized, minimally disruptive mold services plan.

Whether you live in Six Mile Creek, Capitol Estates, Westview Meadows, Springfield Corners, or anywhere else in Waunakee, we can provide expert mold remediation and give your home a fresh start from mold infestation and damage.