When you have mold in your home, you want to know it’s completely removed by mold services experts in Wheaton, IL. We’re Pur360, with 100% guaranteed effective mold removal service in Illinois. Imagine a simple, patented, and safe sanitization process that’s chemical-free, so you don’t have to worry about any after-effects. We begin with mold testing and inspection that identifies spores and growth locations. Our follow-up includes thorough, professional mold removal that reaches all corners of your home. We give you peace of mind from an award-winning team of mold remediation experts. Since mold is often accompanied by related issues such as water damage, we also provide a full range of damage restoration services.

Professional Mold Services in Wheaton, IL

Whatever way mold has developed in your home, we’re the solution to both the mold and the related damage, making it clean and safe to live in. Addressing extensive mold is our specialty, as is water damage from flooding or plumbing problems. We’ll clean it up and restore damaged materials such as wood and drywall. Our certified mold services crew is fast and effective at restoring and repainting walls, removing stains in attics, purifying the air to remove odors, and much more.

In addition to mold testing, inspection, and remediation, we handle:
  • Water damage
  • Cigarette smoke odors
  • Carpet removal and disposal
  • Attic and other hidden mold
  • Attic stain removal
  • Air purification for lingering odors
  • Drywall removal and repair
  • Repainting
  • Dehumidifier and fan rental