For many residents, purchasing a home is a crucial step in creating the dream family life. In addition to buying a home, there is the responsibility of maintaining it. Several factors are involved in maintaining a home, but one that often gets overlooked is removing mold.

Letting mold get out of control can mean expensive mold remediation or repairs. Uncontrolled mold growth can also negatively impact the family’s health, especially children.

Protecting the Respiratory Health of Children

Children have less developed immune systems than adults, and their bodies are still growing. This makes them more susceptible to illnesses caused by mold.

Each child reacts differently to mold exposure. Their age, pre-existing health conditions, and weight impact how they react to mold. In rare cases, some children can be exposed to mold and have no noticeable health concerns. For others, even brief exposure can create near-fatal symptoms.

Studies have proven a link between mold exposure and respiratory illnesses in children. When children inhale mold, they could experience a sore throat, nasal congestion, difficulties breathing, and coughing.

Exposure to black mold can lead to asthma in children. If a child already has asthma, mold exposure could lead to more frequent asthma attacks.

Black mold contains mycotoxins that can lead to bleeding in the lungs and other severe breathing problems if the black mold is ingested. This is dangerous for children and infants because it increases their risk of developing hemorrhagic pneumonia.

Protecting the Skin Health of Children

Skin irritation is a significant health concern when mold spores are allowed to grow out of control in a home. Children’s skin is sensitive, so it’s easier for them to have allergic reactions and rashes due to mold exposure. Symptoms of mold-related skin conditions include dryness, itchiness, swelling, and redness. This can be very uncomfortable for a child. If children constantly scratch or pick their skin irritations, this could lead to infections, creating other serious health complications.

Protecting Your Child’s Neurological Health

In addition to respiratory and dermatological issues, mold can attack a child’s neurological health. When children are exposed to black mold, the trichothecene mycotoxins produced can attack neurons in the brain, impairing its function. It can lead to mood swings, irritability, memory loss, anxiety, numbness, trembling, and shaking.

Protecting Your Child’s Ocular Health

When black mold mycotoxins interact with your child’s eye cells, they cause inflammation of the eyes, which can lead to serious vision problems. A child affected by mold may experience red or bloodshot eyes, itchy eyes, blurred vision, or watery eyes.

Protecting Your Child from Additional Mold-Related Health Issues

In addition to the above-described health risks, prolonged exposure to specific mold mycotoxins can also impact your child’s internal organs. When breathed in, ingested, or absorbed through the skin, toxic mold spores can find their way into the bloodstream. This leads to vascular and circulatory problems. Some children experience heart inflammation, irregular heartbeat, and heart damage. Exposure to mold spores can lead to problems with blood clotting, low blood pressure, and external and internal hemorrhaging.

Some children who complain of weakness, chronic fatigue, hair loss, muscle pain, etc., are later found to have been exposed to black mold spores. A child’s reaction will vary based on their sensitivity to mold, their health condition, and how long certain molds have been in their environment.

The longer a child is exposed to mold, the more harmful the microorganisms will become. To protect children from getting sick and prevent serious health problems, parents must take immediate action at the first sign of mold growth in the home. At Pur360, our technicians specialize in mold removal. We can help keep you and your children safe and make your home a comfortable place to work and live.

How Avoiding Mold Problems Protects Your Children’s Health

Prolonged mold exposure will eventually create health issues for the healthiest children. You must take steps to prevent mold growth. The key way of doing this is identifying and eliminating sources of excess moisture.

For example, a poorly ventilated bathroom will hold onto a lot of moisture, leading to mold growth. Daily cleaning and maintenance, installing a fan, and taking steps to improve ventilation can minimize the chances of mold growing in your bathroom.

It is equally important to keep track of leaks in your attic or basement. It is easy for mold to grow in damp, dark environments without you even noticing. If there is a heavy storm or your home suffers damage, get in contact with the professional technicians at Pur360 to inspect your home to ensure that water damage has not led to mold growth.

Since mold thrives in warm wet conditions, you want to keep moisture in your house to a minimum. Installing a dehumidifier could be a good option. Simply opening a window to allow for ventilation and closing windows when the outdoor air is humid can prevent conditions conducive to mold growth.

Keep houseplants to a minimum in parts of the house that might have a higher risk for mold growth. These would include areas like the basement with high moisture and low ventilation. This is especially true in rooms you may not visit frequently or where mold growth can go undetected for extended periods.

A surprising source of mold problems is water bottles or sippy cups that children use. When cleaning up, some people do not completely disassemble their children’s sippy cups. This increases the potential for mold growth.

Unfortunately, even if you are hyper-vigilant, there is no guarantee that you will be able to eliminate mold. For example, if your home experiences a heavy flood, you might not be able to react fast enough to take steps to prevent mold growth. In these cases, it is essential to section off the affected area and investigate professional mold remediation as quickly as possible. The sooner you have professionals attack the mold problem, the better the chance of preventing mold from spreading throughout your home.

Professional Mold Remediation and Restoration

At Pur360, we proudly provide residents with safe, high-quality mold remediation and eradication services. All our results are backed with a guarantee that mold and its odors will be eliminated. Our company can test your home to see if mold is present and provide you with options moving forward.

The technicians of Pur360 are proud to have served residents for nearly two decades. We have the IAC2 mold certification, use a 100% guaranteed patented process, and enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are staffed with certified and experienced technicians.

Our services include mold remediation and testing. We offer odor removal, whole house sanitation, cigarette smoke removal, and honest evaluations of the mold condition in your home. If you are looking for a comprehensive mold eradication and sanitation service, look no further. Contact Pur360 today. Let us help you have fresh, clean, and safe air to breathe.

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