Cigarette Smoke Hinders Real Estate

First impressions are crucial when selling or renting your home. Lingering odors often deter potential buyers and renters, and one of the most prevalent and off-putting scents is cigarette smoke. Eliminating cigarette smoke before listing your property can significantly enhance its appeal, helping you sell or rent it faster and potentially for a higher value. However, DIY remedies won’t do the trick for real estate. The key is professional smoke odor removal.

The Impact of Cigarette Smoke on Your Home

Cigarette smoke doesn’t just linger in the air. It seeps into carpets, walls, furniture, and even air ducts. This persistent odor can be difficult to remove and often turns prospective buyers and renters away. In addition to the unpleasant smell, cigarette smoke can discolor walls and ceilings, leaving visible stains that suggest neglect and poor maintenance. More importantly, it can pose serious health risks, especially to those with respiratory conditions or allergies.

Why Professional Odor Removal Matters

While DIY methods like air fresheners, open windows, or even painting over stains can offer temporary relief, they rarely address the root of the problem. For instance, air fresheners only mask the odor temporarily, open windows may not be effective in removing the odor from deep within the walls, and painting over stains can lead to the odor seeping through the new paint. Professional smoke odor removal services employ specialized equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean and deodorize your home.

Benefits of Eliminating Smoke Odor Before Listing

  • Positive First Impressions: The first impression is often the most lasting one. A clean, fresh-smelling home signals that the property has been cared for, making potential buyers and renters more likely to consider it seriously.
  • Don’t let the lingering smoke odors in your home delay your sales or rentals. Homes that smell fresh and clean are more inviting to potential buyers and renters. By eliminating smoke odors, you increase the likelihood of attracting interested parties quickly. Every day you delay could mean a possible loss in sales or rental income.
  • By investing in professional cigarette smoke odor removal, you’re making a strategic move that can significantly enhance your property’s appeal and market value. A home free of smoke odors and stains not only appears well-maintained but also move-in ready, allowing you to justify a higher asking price. Buyers and renters are often willing to pay more for a home that doesn’t require additional cleaning or renovation.


Investing in professional cigarette smoke odor removal before listing your home for sale or rent is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your property’s appeal and market value. While the cost of this service may vary depending on the size of your property and the severity of the smoke odor, the benefits far outweigh the investment. By ensuring your home is free from lingering smoke odors, you create a healthier, more inviting environment that attracts buyers and renters, helping you close deals faster and at a better price.

Having professionals handle this task ensures a deep clean and long-lasting results, so you can feel confident that your home looks its best. Pur360’s team uses advanced methods and eco-friendly products to remove smoke particles from walls, carpets, and HVAC systems. Whether selling or renting, our smoke odor removal services can increase your property’s value and attract more buyers or renters.