Good or bad, we live in an era where the internet provides so much information; at times, maybe a little too much. So, what is the best way to decipher the content you receive to determine which solution is best for you? Regarding mold, we broke it down into simple terms.

In this blog post, we lay out the most common mold removal options. Our goal is to inform you about available treatment options to help you determine what is best for your home and family.

Step one for any of these methods is to make sure the source of the mold has been fixed or removed. Most commonly, mold can be due to a flood, leaking pipe, leaking roof or blocked air vent. If you aren’t sure where exactly the mold is, step two is to get a professional test with certified lab results. Most certified mold remediation companies can do this and gives you a clear understanding as to what you’re up against.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Depending on the severity of your problem, would depend on if you use this method or not. I would only recommend this remediation for very small jobs; i.e. ceiling of the bathroom, under a sink, etc. The use of bleach, borax, vinegar, ammonia are just a few of the recommended ways and can produce harsh fumes, putting more toxins into the air your breath. Large jobs would be worth your time and effort to be left to the professionals.


This must be done by a professional company and consists of scrubbing or sanding the mold from porous areas, such as attics, framing and floors, that cannot be removed such as drywall, window sills and furniture. The surface is then painted with a mold sealant. The danger in this method is that the mold is live at the time of treatment and can become airborne and easily inhaled or transferred to another area in your home. This method is also quite expensive.

Antimicrobial Chemical

This is the most common way that mold remediation companies take care of the mold. This is much like the DIY method, but to a grander scale. Make sure they are IAC2 (IACIAC) certified and the chemical they are using is intended for the purpose it is being used. Again, this is adding VOCs into your home.

The Chemical-Free Pur360 Process

Some companies recommend a simple hepa filter for your HVAC unit. This is a only a bandaid to the real problem and not a solution. There is a new patented process on the market that will guarantee to kill all mold in the home, attic and/or basement. It will also take care of any mold in air ducts and behind walls where you cannot see.

This process will go anywhere air goes to eliminate mold, bacteria, allergens, but it requires you to leave your home for 24 hours. When you return, you will have a purified living environment. This process is done by professionals and should not be confused with the DIY units found at local hardware stores; they are a waste of your money and should not be considered.