Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors (SARFS) is a Chicago-based program designed to make life easier for those over 60 and earning no more than 80% of the area’s medium income. The service provides free repairs on small home maintenance and personal needs. These repairs include changing lightbulbs, weatherproofing windows and doors, assembling furniture, setting up electronics, and computer aid. Professionally trained individuals execute these services, and all the needed materials are provided at no cost.

For seniors living alone in their homes, SARFS may be a crucial lifeline to navigate daily tasks that would otherwise be inaccessible or too inconvenient to handle. As part of this mission of accessibility, SARFS provides transport assistance to seniors who need help getting their requests serviced within the Chicago area. This program allows Chicago seniors to remain independent without sacrificing the quality of their daily lives.

What Is SARFS, and What Services Does It Provide for Seniors in Chicago?

SARFS is dedicated to providing seniors in Chicago with access to all resources they need to maintain a healthy, secure, and independent lifestyle. The mission of SARFS is to ensure elderly citizens can live independently and with dignity. By providing resources such as non-emergency home repairs, service coordination, and assistance with the use of technology, SARFS works hard to achieve its goals. In addition to helping seniors safely remain in their homes, SARFS offers valuable information about health care options, legal support, and social activities. These services hope to help give older Chicago residents back the independence they have lost due to age or disability.

How Can SARFS Help You Live Independently in Your Own Home for Longer?

SARFS helps older residents in Chicago retain independence and stay in their own homes. With SARFS, small projects that a person may not be able to complete on their own are done by professionals. The elderly have special needs that their homes must meet. Without proper maintenance or repair, it could become challenging to stay there without harm.

What Are Some of the Most Common Repairs That SARFS Assists With?

The SARFS program assists seniors who need accessibility modifications that may otherwise become unaffordable. SARFS assists with issues such as fixing toilets and sinks and changing doorknobs. They also install stair railings and handrails and provide ramps to increase accessibility. The program offers outdoor services like cutting grass and trimming trees and bushes to keep a senior citizen’s property looking kempt and prevent safety issues outside the home. The services and materials provided by SARFS are invaluable for the elderly to stay comfortable in their senior years.

How Do You Qualify for SARFS Services, and How Do You Apply for Them?

Are you a senior living in Chicago needing help with home repairs? You may be eligible for Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors services. SARFS provides free home repair and modifications to Chicago seniors who are at least 60 years of age and meet statutory requirements. To qualify, applicants must be low-income homeowners (or renters of a unit owned by a tax-exempt organization). To apply, you will need to complete the application form found on the City of Chicago Senior Services website with the required documents such as proof of homeowner/renter status, proof of legal name, Social Security card, picture ID of applicant, and proof of age.

What Is the Process of Getting These Repairs Completed?

If you are a senior living in Chicago, SARFS is here to help! The process for getting these repairs completed is straightforward. First, contact a local service agency, like Catholic Charities, who can guide you through the application and documentation process. Once your application has been approved, a field representative from SARFS will visit your home to determine what work needs to be done. A contractor will be contacted, and an appointment with them will be arranged for the necessary repairs. Once everything is completed, the senior will sign off on the work before making the final payment. This process ensures that seniors can stay home without worrying about safety hazards or accessibility issues.

How Do You Keep Your Home in Good Repair?

As we age, keeping our homes in good condition is crucial to maintain safety and independence. An increasing number of seniors prefer to age in a familiar place, but doing so requires access to basic home repair services. These services include bathroom modifications and threshold transitions. Not only do these modifications increase accessibility within the home, but they also provide peace of mind knowing you can safely navigate the space despite physical limitations. SARFS reduces financial burdens while allowing seniors to enjoy life comfortably at home.

Benefits of SARFS to Seniors in Chicago

The benefits of SARFS include the convenience of not having to leave the comfort of home and the cost savings of not having to hire a professional contractor. By providing seniors with access to reliable and affordable services, SARFS can help seniors maintain their independence for longer. SARFS also provides an opportunity for seniors to receive personalized assistance from experienced technicians who have specific knowledge about the repairs needed. This personalized service can help seniors stay safe and comfortable in their homes when combined with the convenience of not having to leave home. SARFS provides peace of mind for family members concerned about the safety and well-being of their aging loved ones. With access to reliable repair services, family members can rest assured that their loved one receives the best care possible.

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