Ultraviolet sanitization technology can be an excellent way of dealing with certain types of pathogens. This cleaning service is not necessary for all situations, but it can be extremely useful in specific circumstances. Here are some signs that mean UV sanitization might be right for you.

You Notice Weird Smells That Just Won’t Go Away

One of the first signs it’s time for a deep clean is a weird smell. Even if you cannot see any other signs of pathogens, you might notice an odd odor. There are all sorts of odors that can be caused by harmful microbes. Some options, like mold or mildew, might have an odd, musty smell. Other people report strangely sour or rotten scents. Any time you have an unexplained odor, UV sanitization might be able to help.

UV sanitization works by utilizing a UV light process. These light rays can instantly kill a wide variety of microbes, including mold, spores, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Immediately after treatment, you might notice an odd, or slightly metallic smell. This happens because when the dust is broken up by germicidal UV light, certain compounds can release sulfur into the air. However, this smell will dissipate quickly, leaving you with rooms that smell fresh and clean.

There Are Discolored Patches on Your Walls or Ceilings

If you are considering UV sanitization, take a close look at walls and ceilings. Any discolored patches on these surfaces can be a sign of mold growth inside the building. Depending on the organism, you might see green, gray, brown, pink, or black splotches. These typically show up in moist environments like bathrooms and basements. You might even notice them hiding in areas like underneath a sink.

Any discoloration can indicate that you have a mold outbreak happening. When this occurs, UV sanitization process is one of the most effective treatment options. Its ability to thoroughly blanket a room is very effective. This ensures even small particles of mold in tiny nooks and corners are dealt with.

People on the Property Keep Getting Sick

Even if you do not have visible signs of mold or other pathogen activity, you can still get sick. Pay close attention to the health of those who spend a lot of time on the property. If there are toxic molds or other issues, inhabitants might deal with “sick building syndrome.” This involves a lot of vague issues like joint pain, nosebleeds, coughing, and headaches. It’s often a sign that people are breathing in some sort of pathogen that is making them sick. You should also be cautious if you notice recurring bouts of flus, colds, or other illnesses.

Any time a sickness is spreading around building inhabitants, UV sanitization may be able to help. This cleaning method kills a broad spectrum of mold, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. The sanitization techniques can get rid of all the germs and organisms that may be contributing to illness.

You Have Recently Dealt With Flooding or Another Disaster

Any time you are recovering from a disaster, adding UV sanitization to your cleanup is a good idea. UV sanitization can help with cleanup due to floods, leaks, fires, and more. Though it will not entirely clean up the issue on its own, UV sanitization is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

There are all sorts of ways that UV sanitization helps you recover from a disaster. It can reduce mold growth following floods or leaks. It can also help break up odor trapping particles that are keeping a smoky smell in a room after a fire.

You Have Bad Indoor Air Quality

Many cleaning methods only focus on floors, walls, and other visible surfaces. This can be a problem because mold and microbes flourish in your HVAC system. Even if you clean the rest of the property very thoroughly, you might notice issues like lingering scents, headaches after using the air conditioning, or mold growth around heating ducts. When you suspect that a dirty HVAC system is behind many of your problems, it’s time to turn to UV sanitization.

UV sanitization can penetrate into all the tight corners and tiny spaces of an HVAC system. And unlike manual cleaning methods, it doesn’t risk damaging your ducts or making your air smell soapy for days. Instead, this HVAC cleaning method helps to immediately improve the air you breathe. Without your HVAC system circulating pathogens all over your property, you can ensure it stays clean.

You Don’t Have the Time or Ability to Remove All the Materials on the Property

Why choose UV sanitization over other cleaning methods? One sign that this is the best option for your needs is if you want to clean a property loaded with furniture and other items. Some cleaning methods require you to completely empty out the building. This can be very costly and time-consuming when you want to clean something like a hotel room or a classroom.

Unlike some other types of cleaning, UV sanitization is not harmful to furniture, electronics, or other valuable belongings. It manages to do a great job regardless of whether the room is packed with items or completely empty. Therefore, you can easily leave everything in place without having to worry about ineffective cleaning or damage to your belongings. In fact, UV sanitization can even sanitize your items as it cleans the rest of the building. This lets you clean items like tables, desks, couches, or even bedding.

You Are Concerned About Chemical Residue

In most cases where serious cleaning is required, serious chemicals are used. These sorts of chemicals are very effective and mostly safe, but they can leave some residue. For example, you could notice a slight smell or get a headache if you live in a place that was just deep cleaned with certain chemicals. If you’re sensitive to chemicals or live with young children and pets, it’s especially important to select a cleaning method that does not leave a residue.

UV sanitization is an excellent option. This treatment process does not involve applying any chemicals or soaking your furniture in substances. Instead, it is all natural and chemical free. As soon as the UV santization process is completed, your property is back to normal. Other than a cleaner environment, you will not be able to tell the treatment was done at all. The complete lack of chemical residue is one of the biggest reasons to pick UV sanitization.

At Pur360, our patented UV sanitization process is effective at killing 99.99% of airborne and surface viruses. We serve multiple regions in the continental United States. You can always count on us to clean your home quickly and efficiently. In addition to UV sanitization, we provide other services like mold remediation, odor removal, fire cleanup, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.