Competition, it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the real estate industry! Becoming an Elite Broker is a way to show potential customers that you are able to back your success story. But what can you do to not become stagnant — and instead keep your edge and continue to retain your elite broker status?

Being able to provide your clients with more than just selling or buying their home, by adding Value Added Services (VAS) to your resume should be top on your list. The primary goal of VAS is to provide only those services that will benefit your customers. Being picky is important because who you refer reflects back to your credibility.

Most realtor already has a few standard “tricks of the trade” readily available to their customer; neighborhood analysis, virtual tour of the home, plenty of professional photos of the home and staging services. We are thinking outside the box a little with “problem” VAS. These hidden gems help to navigate the problems of selling or buying a home.

We all know that rarely does a sale go smoothly; there is always something. Having a reliable solution in your back pocket when that need arises will make you a shining star. The home buyer or seller will feel confident with the ability to take care of the issue without having to exert more energy in an already stressful situation.

Home Inspector:

It is of the utmost importance to the buyer to have a good home inspector. One that will take the time to really look at the home as if he/she were buying it for themself. Explain potential problems and equipment as well. There is nothing worse than buying a home and having to make immediate repairs that were not found during a home inspection.


If a home owner/buyer is anything like me, I just google plumber, take a guess at who looks good and boom, that’s how it’s done. There always seems to be a leaking faucet, toilet, dishwasher or water heater that needs to be fixed. Being able to refer a good plumber that is ethical in pricing and identifying problems is priceless.


This is one area that seems to be forgotten over the course of home ownership. Most times, we just ask, “When was the roof replaced?” However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in an attic and roof and they aren’t discovered until it’s time to sell. Misplaced air vents from bathrooms, dryers, overhead vents can all cause problems.

Mold/Odor Remediation:

This issue is becoming more and more prevalent in the buying and selling of homes. Being able to direct your client to a company that quickly remediates mold or home odors, such as cigarette, will be a huge benefit to both the seller and the buyer. The right company can handle this without any added expenses such as drywall repair, insulation replacement and carpet replacement. This can be done in as little as 24-hours and often deters a delay in the closing.

When it’s time to choose the right company for mold and odor remediation, your best option is Pur360: a chemical-free treatment that 100% guarantees to eradicate the mold. It will cover the entire area being treated and takes only 24-hours to complete.

One of the best things you can do for your clients is to be prepared to answer and assist any questions or situations that may arise in the sale or purchase of a home. Although an elite status is a great achievement, nothing is more rewarding than to hear, “Our agent helped us take care of any issue that came up in selling/buying our home!”

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