Technology has promoted a wave of much-needed customer service positions, and while striving to ensure processes are doing what it takes to make customers happy, it’s also important to take a step back and ask, “What about the customers in the house?”

It’s no secret that happy employees promote a positive workplace, great customer service, and employee retention. Your employees have a similar parallel to your customers and by recognizing this, you will be able to put into action a Happy Employees = Happy Customers plan.

  • If a customer isn’t happy with your company, what do they do? Complain, openly.
  • If an employee isn’t happy with your company, what do they do? Complain, openly.
  • If a website is difficult or cumbersome, what do customers do? Give up and you miss an order.
  • If a workplace environment is difficult or cumbersome, what do employees do? They give up and become an unproductive employee, missing potential opportunities.
  • If a customer doesn’t feel important, what do they do? They get mad and don’t shop with you again.
  • If an employee doesn’t feel important, what do they do? They get mad and look for another company to work for.

Below Are a Few Suggestions For Processes To Ensure “House Customers” (aka Employees) Are Happy.

Pat on the Back

A staggering 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. Personal achievement no matter how small is worthy of a “way-to-go!” This allows employees to know that you notice what they are doing and they are appreciated.

Recognize Performance

Focus on the processes they used − their strategies, effort or choices and highlight the value of constructive feedback. Be specific about which aspects of their team members’ performance have particularly impressed you and why.

Healthy Environment

One of the most common pollutants in a commercial environment is mold and by the time mold becomes visible, the problem is usually quite serious. Mold can lead to health issues if not quickly and safely eradicated from living or working environments. And because the symptoms are very similar to cold symptoms, an annual office treatment will aid in the prevention of sick employees.

The Voice

If someone is struggling, allowing them to voice their struggle; they may see that others have been in the same situation. By promoting helpful advice from peers it can empower them to be a part of positive change in the company.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

A study on salespeople suggested that happy sales reps had greater sales than their unhappy peers: They sold 37% more on average. In fact, some surveys found that employee happiness boosted productivity by about 12%.