Do you suspect that your carpets are moldy? Mold can be an eyesore, create poor indoor air quality, and cause respiratory problems. It’s essential to monitor the presence of this household problem. If you suspect mold under your carpet, you need to find out how to check for it! Below are ways in which you can know that there’s mold under your carpet.

1. Moldy or Musty Smell

The most common sign of mold in your house is that it will give off a musty smell. A moldy carpet is not only mold-filled, but it also gives off a particular smell. This may be one of the most tangible signs that there’s mold in your house. Although it may be an annoying odor, this is a critical indicator of the mold problem in your home.

The musty smell is not the only odor that can indicate that there’s mold in your house. If the odor is strange or bad, this may mean there are mold spores present in your carpet. These spores may have traveled through the air vents into your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

If you have been experiencing a wet smell coming from your carpet, this could indicate that there’s mold growing on it, too. A musty smell can develop whenever there is mold present. A professional should check this immediately because there are many health hazards associated with having mold in your home.

2. Color Changes in the Carpet

Aside from a musty smell, the color of the carpet may have changed. If you have noticed that your carpet has been becoming discolored, this may indicate that there’s mold. This discoloration results from a chemical reaction to the dampness in the carpet and is a clear indicator that you have a mold problem in your house.

A dark carpet can be an indication of mold. If your carpet is discolored and has gone darker, this is a sign that it has been affected by mold. You will need to have this checked by an expert. It’s also an indicator that you should have your carpet professionally cleaned.

If your carpet has a hazy look, then it may be affected by mold as well. You should remove your carpet so that we can clean it and help you prevent further mold problems.

Are you experiencing black or dark spots and lines on your carpet? These could be signs of mold growth underneath your carpet. These spots may have traveled up through the seams of your carpet to cross the entire surface of your carpet. They are black because they contain the mold spores that are affecting your home.

If you have been experiencing carpet stains, this could indicate that there’s mold right underneath it. If there is mold underneath your carpet, it can grow out to its surface and cause stains. This will discolor your carpet and is a result of mold spores being released into your house.

3. Tiny Mold Spots on the Carpet

These tiny mold spots can be found on your carpet. It may look like a minor discoloration that you’ve seen on your carpet in the past. These spots, when tested, will contain a substance that resembles a little brownish vegetation. However, you will need to try it to confirm whether it’s mold or not.

4. Indoor Air Quality Check

Since mold causes respiratory problems, it’s essential to have an indoor air quality check. If you are experiencing breathing problems in your house, this could indicate mold in your carpet. You should have your carpets professionally cleaned to avoid further health problems for you and your family.

5. Food Spoilage

Food spoilage is another sign that there’s mold in your house. When food is stored in a damp place, it can quickly spoil. This creates a rotten smell and could be a sign that there’s mold in your carpet.

6. Water Damage

When there’s moisture in the carpets, it can cause them to get moldy. If you have been experiencing water issues in your house, this may signify that the carpet got wet and has molded. A professional should check this because these carpets can be dried out and disinfected to prevent further damages from being made by the mold.

Water puddles in the carpet can take on a musty odor. This is because the mold in the water affects the chemicals released into your home when you use it. If you have water puddles under your carpet due to a leak, you need to have it checked by a professional because indoor air quality can be compromised.

If you notice that your carpets are sagging or curling, then this could be caused by mold, too. This indicates moisture coming up through your carpet because it has been made damp by the mold spores. The more moisture, the more mold spores will be present. Your carpets should always be cleaned professionally to keep them free from mold growth.

7. Carpets With Burnt Edges

If you have been experiencing a burning smell in your home, this could be a sign of mold in your house. This odor is the result of the spores burning off from the heat of the sun. It can get perilous if you don’t have it checked immediately, so a professional should investigate this.

8. Carpet That Folds Under When Pressing

The appearance of your carpet is an essential indicator for determining whether or not there’s mold under it. If you notice that your carpet folds under when you press on it, this may indicate mold underneath it. This is a result of the carpet becoming damp and mold spores invading it. This is not good, and you need to have this checked by a professional as soon as possible.

9. Damage to Your Carpet

Mold can make your carpet fluffy and dusty like snow, so if you notice that your carpet is damaged, this may be an indication that there’s mold in your house. This should be checked immediately!

10. Parts of Your Carpet Are Curling Under

If parts of your carpet are curling under, then this may be an indication that there’s mold affecting it. It can also be an indication that there’s moisture seeping into the carpet and making it damp. If this is the case, you need to have mold testing done to determine what kind of mold has affected your carpet.


If you have noticed any of the signs above, then you need to have your carpet cleaned by our experts as soon as possible. We will clean your carpets, deodorize them and disinfect them to kill all the mold spores, so you can spend less time worrying about mold in your house. For carpet cleaning, mold testing, mold removal, deodorization and disinfection services, contact Pur360 today. We service Lake Zurich, IL, and the surrounding areas.