Whether you’ve been in your house for 10 minutes or 10 years, we’ll share some small changes and quick fixes to help make a big difference in your home.

The best part? The following suggestions apply to all incomes … even if you’re on a tight budget! Continue reading if you’re interested in giving your sanctuary a quick freshen up.

1) Fresh Paint Colors

Painting a space is probably the most inexpensive and most stated change you can make to a room. The addition of an accent wall or a complete change in color can usually be done in one day.

2) Accent Items

As easily as you can change the wreath on the front door, you can change the look of your room. The adding pillows for a season makeover, holiday accents or to accompany your new paint color. A few complimentary accessories like vases and flowers, curtains, and even rugs will give your room a fresh new look.

3) Declutter and Organize

Decluttering a home isn’t just for when it is on the market, it is also a great idea to reduce the visual smallness of a space. You won’t even have to do anything but to purge or store unnecessary clutter in your home and it will instantly look bigger. Not sure where to start? We highly recommend reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

4) Creative Lighting

Normally categorized under an accent item, it can also be a focal point. Dining rooms, bedrooms, and entryways are prime areas to let your lighting creativity flow.

5) Quick Bathroom Fixes

Minor adjustments such as paint, wallpaper, lighting fixtures and even changing the vanity can be done easily in one weekend. The addition of a new rug, towels, and wall hangings will give any space a fresh new look.

6) Bedroom Retreat

The one place you can go to in your home to shut the rest of the world out! Simple changes to the color scheme with a comforter, pillows, candles, and storage containers to reduce clutter will quickly give your bedroom an inviting feel. If you are up for another weekend project, adding paint to the list, with an inviting color scheme, will transform your room into the perfect retreat.

7) Backyard Oasis

Second, to the bedroom, this area can be the ultimate escape plan. Turn a hum-drum backyard into an oasis. The addition of lights, furniture, and landscaping can provide the little touches that make a big impact.

Oh the things you can think about when it comes to switching it up in your home. Take a weekend and transform one space into WOW; then sit back and enjoy!

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