Christmas Tree in Chicago, IL
December 20

How to Get Your Home Ready for Your Next Vacation

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How to Remove Odor From Carpet
December 13

How to Remove Odor From Carpet

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December 12

Are Air Purifiers Capable of Eliminating Mold?

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December 5

What Are the Safest Cleaning Products for Me and My Pets?

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Mold Patch in Chicago, IL
November 8

Mold vs. Mildew: What Is the Difference?

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Christmas Tree in Chicago, IL
November 4

Does Your Live Christmas Tree Have Mold?

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November 1

Find Out if Homeowners Insurance Covers Mold Removal

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Mold Safety Tips in Chicago, IL
October 19

Protecting Children From the Health Effects of Mold

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Mold In Chicago, IL
October 12

What to Do If You Have Mold in Your HVAC System

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October 5

Do a Lot of People Have Mold in Their Bathrooms?

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